While some knew him as Jonah and others as Mac, we all loved and respected him. And we miss him dearly.

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Thanks to all who have contributed to our Winter 2016 Campaign!

2016-12-wintercampaign16Our Winter 2016 campaign’s a little different. You’re invited the honor and/or remember parents and/or grandparents who inspired the life you’re living. It’s a sweet and poignant way to give credit where credit is due, and to help a whole lotta kids along the way.

We are so grateful that you take the time and dollars to support our work. This list of donors is a small but earnest way to thank you. May our efforts bring ever-increasing goodness into young lives!

The campaign continues through December 31, 2016. Please give generously at jonahmac.org/donate.

Ellen, Billy, Katie, Mark and Aiden


Naomi Dreskin … in memory of Helen and Oscar Dreskin (because as members of Jonah’s extended family, they would have been proud, as I am, of your efforts in his name, to enrich the lives of others through the arts– also their passion.)

Rachel Kalmowitz … in honor of my Mama, whose current experience fighting breast cancer reminds me how strong and capable this gentle, compassionate woman is.

Julie Newman … in memory of Bernard Newman, my father — for singing with me in the car

Phyllis Opochinsky … in honor of Hy and Ruth Polikoff, my parents in the best sense of the word

Rona Oberman and Deb Franzblau … in memory of Jonny Franzblau

Robin Brigmon … in memory of Paul and Ruby Brigmon

Beth Sher … in honor of Bobbie Kraus, Choir Member and Grandmother Extraordinaire

Leona Paul … in memory of Susan Paul Sirkman

Nancy Paul … in honor of Leona Paul, my best friend and mother

Chris, Chrissie, Anna and Ian Wetherbee … in honor of Roger and Roberta Wetherbee. We are so grateful during this season for the wonderful blessings family brings and we wish to honor and thank you for your role as parents and grandparents.

Harvey Feldman … in memory of Nathan and Marian Feldman and Ida Dreskin

Frank Squillante …  in honor of all of the children I’ve had the honor to work with for over 25 years

Pietra, Alan, and Ben Cohen … in honor of Ben’s Grandparents: Arthur Greenberg, Stanley and Harriet Cohen

Carolyn and Eldon Wexler … in memory of Marilyn Ann Siegel

Dale Glasser … in honor of Maya and Zachary and their grandparents

Beth Sperber Richie … in memory of  Robert Sperber, my father, who taught me about social justice

Nicole Roos … in honor of  Roberta and Lloyd Roos

Jeremy Wolfe … in honor of Raymond andUrsula Wolfe (my parents)

Nir Topper

Al and Sara Dreskin

Rabbi Jonathan and Susan Stein … in honor of Ellen and Billy Dreskin

Mark Horowitz and Tom Staebell … in memory of Ida Dreskin

Myron Katz … in memory of Rina Katz

Susie Goldberg Ferster … in memory of all of our beloved parents and grandparents, and your extraordinary son, Jonah

Tom and Julie Hirschfeld … in memory of Ida Dreskin

Tracy Friend … in memory of my father, James Friend

Michael Dreskin … in memory of Ida Dreskin

Dassi Citron … in memory of my father Fred who, despite surviving the horrors of two camps, made his way in life, cherishing the arts, his Jewish heritage and social justice.

Marc Richter … in honor of Jeff and Fern Richter

Marc Richter … in honor of Austyn Richter

Marc Richter … in honor of Milly Richter

The Woo-Schwartz family … in memory of Ida Dreskin

Rabbi Barney Brickner …  in honor of the Dreskin family for the good work that are doing, always

Teresa, Stu, Mike and Hannah Stein … in memory of Ida Dreskin

Neil and Deborah Shapiro … in memory of Ida Dreskin

Rabbi David Saperstein

Arlene and Joel Taman … in memory of Ida Dreskin

Marc Margolius

Marjorie Mattel … in memory of Ida Dreskin

Chuck and Jessica Myers … in memory of Kevin Feder

Renni Altman … in honor of Daniel Wender for Chanukah

Jo and Frank, Kate and Amanda Hariton … in memory of Ida Dreskin

Caryn Roman … in memory of Ida Dreskin

Madelyn Katz … in honor of Rabbi Shawna Brynjegard-Bialik for shepherding Rachel all the way into rabbinical school!!

Harriet Kohn … in memory of Ida Dreskin

Wendy Jennis and Douglas Mishkin

Rabbi Jeffrey Sirkman and family …. in memory of Ida Dreskin

Kenny Green

Rose Snitz

Robert and Patti Mittelman

Marcia Streussand Newman

Diana and Henry Asher … in memory of Tyler Lane

Kathy Glass … in memory of Ida Dreskin

Marsha and Lenny Green … in memory of Ida Dreskin

Ellen and Cary Bloom … in memory of Ida Dreskin

Aaron Spiegel

Joel and Pam Chernoff … in memory of Ida Dreskin

Gwynne and Alan Ross … in memory of Brad Gaber

Craig Taubman

Bill and Barbara Abram … in memory of Ida Dreskin

Irv and Angela Adler … in memory of Ida Dreskin

Glynis Conyer

Rabbi Laura Harari … in honor of  Rabbi Carmit Harari

June and Don Moskovitz … in memory of Ida Dreskin

Kathy Tuchman Glass

Rick and Addie Lupert

Jill and Richard Newhouse … in memory of Ida Dreskin

Lynne S. Kohn … in memory of Jonah Maccabee Dreskin

Cantor and Mrs. Stephen Richards

Lois Ratafia Diamond … in  memory of Ida Dreskin

Morris Kramer

Sue and Jack Safirstein … in memory of Ida Dreskin

Rabbi Robbie Harris

Yvette and Larry Gralla … in memory of Ida Dreskin

Lisa Stone and Scott Cantor

Jeffrey Nakrin

Jon and Gloria Jaffess … in memory of Ida Dreskin

Marsha Edelman

Ruth Rugoff … in memory of my mother, Jeannette Feingold

Evan, Faye and Rachel Friedman … in memory of Ida Dreskin

Rabbi Debra Robbins

Bruce Ginsberg  and Rebecca Dulit …  in memory of Anna Selzer and Fay Ginsberg, Florence Dulit and Shirley Greenspun, and Ida Dreskin for the great gift of her son Billy

Liz Rauchwerger … in memory of Ida Dreskin

Brenda Spiegler and Mark Anshan … in honor of Ellen and Billy Dreskin

Mary Ann Shamis

Janet S Elam … in memory of Al and Estelle Stein

Janet S Elam … in memory of Ida Dreskin

Rebecca Schwartz

Beth and Barry Zelin … in memory of Ida Dreskin

Rabbi Michael and Jody Weinberg

Susan, Richard, Liz, Rachel and Ali Bloom … in memory of Ida Dreskin

Ron and Susan Traub

Ira Lichtiger

Michele and Mark Montague … in memory of Ida Dreskin

Rabbi Steven Moskowitz

Rabbi Sandford Kopnick

Gwen Moore … in memory of Dorothy and J.C. Moore, Jr.

Mike and Marcia Kingston … in memory of Ida Dreskin

Brad and Laurie Akers

Justine Berkowicz

Martine Klein and family

Diane Burhenne and Judy Ribnick

Marilyn and Roger Price … in honor of Ellen and Billy Dreskin

Barry and Laurie Leibowitz … in memory of Ida Dreskin

Richard and Naomi Binenfeld

Leslie and Michael Litsky … in memory of Ida Dreskin

Dr. Gary P. Zola and the entire administration of The Jacob Rader Marcus Center of the American Jewish Archives … in honor of Cincinnati

Sonja Pilz

Ellen and Billy Dreskin, Katie, Mark and Aiden …  in memory of Ida Dreskin, for being a great mom and grandmother

Rich and Mindy Agler … in memory of Jonah

Jan and Lanie Katzew

The Daughters Fund

Cantor Richard Cohn

Linda Einfrank and Jeff Schlossberg … in memory of Ida Dreskin

Tom Schaeffer

Shari and Jonathan Turell … in honor of Billy and the entire Dreskin family that continues to be an inspiration to us all. We are grateful to know you. With love, Shari and Jonathan, Steven, Andy, Ryan, Jared

Rabbi Darren Levine

Adam Kohn … in memory of Ida Dreskin

Jan Mahler

Liz Rolle … in memory of Ida Dreskin

Fran Rosenfeld … in memory of Ida Dreskin

Susan Laufer … in memory of my late grandma Annie (Chana) Dribinsky, who immigrated from Belarus to the US exactly 100 years ago, but the hard way: eastward! WWI blocked the usual routes westward, so with her toddler firstborn in tow, she headed east on the newly opened trans-Siberian railway, sailed to Japan, crossed Japan, sailed to Seattle, and then took the train across America to join my grandfather in NYC. In 1916, speaking only Yiddish, with a toddler in her arms. What an amazing journey. Ever since I first heard her story, I’ve admired her courage and resilience.

Lloyd and Roberta Roos … in memory of our parents, Rose and Morty Roos and Ceil and Jack Williams

Steve Klaper … may Jonah’s light continue to burn brightly, allowing you to keep illuminating the darkness in our world.

Robert Berger and Karen Golden

David and Donna Berliner

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