While some knew him as Jonah and others as Mac, we all loved and respected him. And we miss him dearly.

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Thank you for your donation to our “Summer Camp ’15” campaign!

2015.06.SummerCampWe’re so deeply grateful to all of you who donated to our “Summer Camp ’15” campaign to benefit Kutz Camp. We are ever-blessed to have your support!

Ellen, Billy, Katie and Aiden


Jared Turell. In celebration of his becoming a Bar Mitzvah.

Jonathan and Shari Turell. In honor of their son, Jared, becoming a Bar Mitzvah.

Karen Golden.

Beth Sher. In memory of Susan Sirkman.

Ellen, Katie, Aiden and Billy Dreskin. As always, with eternal love for our Jonah.

Milly Richter. In memory of Paul Richter.

Adrian Shanker.

Richard Agler. For Jonah and the work done in his memory.

Mindy Gelbart. In honor of Cantor Ellen Dreskin on the occasion of Taylor Hoffman’s Bat Mitzvah.

David Cohen. In memory of Jonah Dreskin.

Bill and Gloria Falk.

Al and Sara Dreskin.

Rabbi Simcha Bob.

Bob and Bobbie Kraus. In honor of the wedding of Jessie Sher and Davey Marcus.

Rabbi Marci Bloch.

Judy Mann.

Gail Nalven.

Rabbi Steve Altarescu.

Robin Slater-Sherman.

Iris Bildstein.

Rabbi Avi Magid.

Char and Larry Grossman.

Sheldon Low.

Rick Lupert. 5 people paid $5 extra at Hava Nashira for my new book with the intention of that amount going to the Jonah Maccabee fund. So voila!

Marc Maxwell. This donation in made in remembrance of the anniversary of David Passer’s birth on what would have been his 57th birthday.

Rabbi Mark Dov Shapiro.

Peter Levy and Amy Dattner-Levy.

Aliza Burton.

Danielle Rodnizki. In honor of Ellen Dreskin, who inspires me every day to do this work.

Rabbi Marc Margolius.

Jason Lichtman.

Mimi Jefferson.

Shelley Halman. In memory of Tracy Michelle Fisher, another beautiful Kutz soul lost too soon.

David and Carol Sank.

Martine Klein.

Gregg Alpert. In honor of my passionate and caring colleague, Ellen Dreskin.

Nancy Goodman.

Jeanne and Murray Bodin.

Roberta Grossman.

Tom Schaeffer.

Patti Mittelman.

Todd Herzog.

Charles Fishman. In memory of Melvin and Alice Fishman.

Roberta, Roger and Allison Wetherbee.

Bobbi and Jeffrey Tornheim.

Lloyd and Roberta Roos.

Dr. Alan Mason and Robert Glazier.

Don Jones.

Bernie and Judi Kimberg. In honor of Ellen and Billy Dreskin.

Larry Grossman.

Corey and Suzanne Newhouse.

Marcia Streussand Green.

Craig Taubman.

Dan Pliskin.

Rabbi Shelly Zimmerman.

Barry and Gloria Meisel.

Allison Pincus.

Scott and Lisa Stone.

Corey Friedlander.

Rabbi Donna Kleiner-Lichtman.

Julie Newman.

Faye Roth. In honor of Gabe and Chelsea’s nuptials.

Marilyn and Roger Price.

David Cohen.

Mary Ann Shamis. In honor of Ellen Dreskin, who helped to form my Kutz memories.

Ari Jaffess.

Edith Magnus. In memory of my brother and sister, both of whom passed away this week — in 2006 and 2013. From Cat Stevens: “The patches make the goodbye harder still.” Thanks to Jonah for the work that lives on.

Rabbi Steven Kaye.

Isabel Frankel Rachlin.

Harriet Lewis.

David and Vivian Singer.

Sally Winter.

Rabbi Rick Sarason.

Mark and Marjory Selig.

Cantor Marcy Kadin.

Barry Tenenholtz.

Abbey Funk.

Dr. Jonathan Slater.

Nicole Roos.

Todd Kipnis.

Al and Sara Dreskin.

Steve Brodsky.

Cantor Rollin Simmons.

Jeffrey Nakrin.

Nina Luban and Scott Bonci.

Virginia Lupi.

Lisa Zbar Mohamed.

Cantor Donn Rosensweig.

Eric Saidel.

Robbie and Nellie Harris. In memory of Jonah.

Beth Sher. Keep up the holy work. Love to all.

Rabbi Paul Kipnes.

Fran and Dick Pursell.

Yaakov Chaitovsky.

Joy Firshein. In celebration of Jess Firshein and Kerry Wallach’s three-year wedding anniversary.

Rabbi  Michael Comins.

Dr. Gary Zola.

Rabbi Renni Altman.

Diana Asher. In memory of Cantor Kerry Ben-David.

Jeffrey Rinkoff and Janis Rosenthal.

Rabbi Rob Nosanchuk.

Madelyn Katz. Because seeing Ellen at Kutz brought a bright light to my life!! Love you, Ellen!

Rabbi Laura Harari.

Barbara Gordon. In appreciation of the wonderful Ellen Dreskin!

Harriet Levine.

Anonymous. In memory of Jonah Maccabee Dreskin.

Kathy Tuchman Glass.

Rabbi Robert Loewy.

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