While some knew him as Jonah and others as Mac, we all loved and respected him. And we miss him dearly.

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To purchase our magnificent recording, "So Is Life," visit jonahmac.org/so-is-life.

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“So Is Life” Recording

SoIsLife_V4aBoxt, Dreskin, Nelson and Nichols. They call themselves SO IS LIFE. If you know any ONE of these great singer-performers, you know you want to get your hands on this recording. Cantor Rosalie Boxt, Cantor Ellen Dreskin, Josh Nelson and Dan Nichols. What an ensemble! And they’re giving every penny from the sales of “So Is Life” to The Jonah Maccabee Foundation!

Rich harmonies. Exquisite instrumentation. A sonic delight.

Tracks include: “And So It Goes” (Billy Joel), “If Not Now” (Carrie Newcomer), “May I Suggest” (Susan Werner), and “Turn the World Around” (Harry Belafonte and Robert Freedman).

Give a listen:

Hareini (Boxt, Nelson)

Ya Ana (Nichols, Dreskin)

Where You’ve Always Gone (Nichols)

Cost to download the CD is $15. You can also order a physical CD for $15 plus shipping and handling. In both cases, you’re making a lovely donation to JMF (you’re such a nice person!). Place your order right here and add “So Is Life” to your life today!

Thanks for ordering and for supporting JMF!

Want to bring SO IS LIFE to perform in your city? Visit bdnandn.com for info.



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