While some knew him as Jonah and others as Mac, we all loved and respected him. And we miss him dearly.

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A note from Billy … when kids are the ones who have to stop the guns

Dear friends,

Jonah didn’t know how different a world he lived in. Columbine happened when he was 9 years old. Virginia Tech when he was 17. He didn’t live to know about Sandy Hook in Newtown, or Charlie Hebdo in Paris, or Emanuel Church in Charleston, or the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, or the country music festival in Las Vegas, or the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland. 

Had Jonah lived, he pretty likely would have shared the outrage of his peers that the adults who run this world do nothing to make things better. I imagine he’d have applauded the decision that young people would have to lead the way. I also imagine he’d have joined the movement.

Jonah would have wanted this foundation that bears his name to support March for Our Lives, the organization begun by the teen-aged survivors of the Parkland murders when, yet again, those who should have done something … didn’t. He’d have wanted us to join him in standing against those who side with the NRA, against those who offer no more than thoughts and prayers, against politicians who let children die so that their campaign coffers can stay full.

We aren’t a large organization. We don’t have millions of dollars to give away. But we have you. Your partnership and your support empower us to represent you … so that when we act, we act for more than just ourselves. When we speak, we speak for more than just ourselves. And when we take a stand, we do so for all of us together. We do so for all of the young people who deserve better. We do so for the young people whose lives were cast aside by the very powerful. And we do so for Jonah, who would just want to help.

He’d want us all to help.

So that we can act, so that we can do something when others do nothing, we hope you will donate to our December campaign, “Jonah-Inspired.” Help us help these brave, undeterred young people fight the system that devalues their lives. Help us labor to make the world safer for their children, for all our children. And help us keep Jonah’s memory alive through acts of caring and concern and social change.

With gratitude,

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