While some knew him as Jonah and others as Mac, we all loved and respected him. And we miss him dearly.

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If You Build It, You’ll Hear Some Fine Music!

Greetings! We’re so very delighted to invite you to stop by our home in Ardsley, New York, on Sunday, December 22 at 7:00 pm for a wonderful evening of good company, great music, tasty desserts and a Hanukkah candle lighting.

When we learned that our old friend, Larry Milder, was coming to town, we knew we had to give y’all an opportunity to meet him and enjoy him as much as we always have.

And with the current level of our nation’s xenophobia, an opportunity to lend a helping hand to some families that are hoping not to be deported from this nation of immigrants seemed like the perfect complement to Larry’s visit.

If you’re available and can join us, stop by jonahmac.org/houseconcert to make your reservation. (Even if you can’t attend, please consider making a donation to help with our project. Read on.)

All proceeds from your donation will be forwarded to our friends at South Presbyterian Church in Dobbs Ferry, NY (about ten minutes from our house). South Church recently designated itself part of the sanctuary movement, committed to providing refuge to immigrant families that fear they will be deported. While South’s hope is that ICE will leave these families alone, if someone is in fact arrested, that person will no longer be on his/her own but will be accompanied through the deportation process, which will hold our justice system more accountable for its actions, frequently slowing down the process and increasing the possibility of preventing deportation altogether.

Like the story of the child throwing a starfish back into the ocean, we may not be able to fix the system but we might save a few of the people who have been caught in it. [Someone told the child, “Why do you throw them back into the ocean? There are so many. You can’t possibly help them all.” Said the child, “But I can help this one.”]

Whether you can make the concert or can just send a few dollars to help with the project, please visit jonahmac.org/houseconcert and donate today.

Thank you. Your grandmother would be so proud!

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