While some knew him as Jonah and others as Mac, we all loved and respected him. And we miss him dearly.

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Thanks to all who contributed to our “Half Off” Fall Campaign!

2015.11.HalfOffSaleWe got a bit silly on this one. We’re grateful for everyone who had a sense of humor about it and who understood that your gifts are so very much needed and appreciated. You fill our hearts and keep us strong.

Fran and Richard Pursell. In honor of the marriage of Lisa Pursell and Jared Saltman.

Marc Richter. In honor of the birthday and anniversary of Jeff and Fern Richter.

Jane Emmer. Indeed you put a smile on my face. Thanks for your hard work in making our world a little bit better. This donation is in honor of our dear friend and yours Rabbi Marcus Burstein and his hard work fighting a nasty disease.

Doug Passon and “Road to Eden.”

Susan Colin and OySongs.

Rabbi David Saperstein.

Danielle Rodnizki. In honor of Ellen Dreskin and the light she brings to the world (and in gratitude for “So Is Life”). Happy Chanukah!

Samuel David Cohen.

Richard and Naomi Binenfeld.

Alice Passer and Barry Krieger. In loving memory of David Passer.

Chuck and Jessica Myers.

Beth Sperber Richie.

Rick Lupert.

Dale Glasser. In honor of Maya and Zachary Glasser.

Harold and Ellen Rubin.

Rabbi Glynis Conyer.

Cantor Julie Yugend-Green.

Morris Kramer.

Helen Meltzer-Krim.

Rabbi Ramie and Merri Arian.

Ira Lichtiger.

Elliott Rosen.

Dan Lucas.

Yvette Shandel.

Stephen and Sherry Jacobs. In honor of David Wiskind and in memory of Jonah Dreskin.

John Planer.

Seth Kroll.

Aaron Spiegel.

Rachel Mylan.

Rabbi Debra Robbins. In honor of Ellen and Billy Dreskin.

Larry Robins and Debra Robbins. In honor of Molly Zimmerman becoming a Bat Mitzvah.

Rona Oberman and Deborah Franzblau.

Roger and Marilyn Price.

Rabbi  David Komerofsky.

David Hill.

Rabbi Michael Weinberg.

Wendy Jennis and Doug Mishkin.

Daughters Fund.

Beth Sher.

Bari Ziegel.

Herb and Melissa Baer.

Julie Newman.

Susan and David Berger.

Cantor Zoe Jacobs. With thanks for the beautiful music and sending love to you all.

Rabbi Michael Mellen.

Robin Slater-Sherman.

Roberta Roos.

Rochelle Novins.

Neil Weinstein.

Tracy Fishbein.

Tom Schaeffer.

Julie DeWinter Stein.

Merav Gur and Peter Lobl.

Sally Winter.

Rabbi Renni Altman. In honor of Daniel Wender.

Laura Tobias.

Martha Rosen.

Ilana Matteson.

Don Jones.

Jacob Spike Kraus.

Steven Hagy.

Marc Margolius.

Kathy Tuchman Glass.

Julie and Scott Stein.

Ira and Julia Levin.

Rabbi Robbie Harris.

Lloyd and Roberta Roos.

George Markley.

Aliza Burton.

Donna Spencer.

Matt Grob.

Jan and Alane Katzew.

Wendy and Howard Albert.

Cantor Richard Cohn.

Julie Newman.

Martine Klein and family.


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