While some knew him as Jonah and others as Mac, we all loved and respected him. And we miss him dearly.

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Jacob Spike Kraus Rocks the House!

logo.cropped 3d purpleJacob Spike Kraus, URJ summer camp songleader and newly-acclaimed recording artist, lifted hearts and the roof at Woodlands Community Temple (White Plains, NY) during their annual Jonah Maccabee Family Concert. Held during special religious school programming to introduce children and their parents to the wonders of the Union for Reform Judaism summer camps, Jacob showed them all just how it’s done. His spirit, his energy, his warmth and, of course, his boundless talent all contributed to a wonderful morning.

SpikeKraus.02And then, a couple of weeks later, he presented me, Billy Dreskin, with a check to which I responded, “What’s this?” Jacob replied, “It’s your share of the money from selling CDs after the concert.”

Once I realized he didn’t really mean it was for me (I get hungry, you know, and Dunkin’ Donuts don’t grow on trees. Well, maybe they do), I understood that Jacob also wanted to participate in the work that Woodlands does in Jonah’s name (Jonah grew up at Woodlands … and at the URJ summer camps!) to fund scholarships for temple kids to attend URJ summer programs whose families can’t otherwise afford to send them.

So thank you, Jacob. You are hereby inducted into the Order of Stalwart Friends of The Jonah Maccabee Foundation. Go forth and do good as often as you can for as many as you can. You’re off to a great start!

One more thing. Some of you will remember Jonah’s performance of “Makin’ a Motzi” during the “Stars of David” performance at Eisner Camp in the summer of 2004. Jacob was in the band that backed him up that night, launching Jonah’s brief but meteoric rap career!


P.S. You can listen to Jacob Spike Kraus’ “Shake Off the Dust” on Amazon and Spotify. Then buy it. ‘Cuz it’s good music and ‘cuz he’s a good boy! 

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