While some knew him as Jonah and others as Mac, we all loved and respected him. And we miss him dearly.

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3 Days Only!! Valentine’s Day Gifts to Share Love and Healing Across the Globe! Wed, Feb 5 – Fri, Feb 7, 2014

From the Dreskins

This Valentine’s Day, let your love change the world! We happily and proudly announce gifts that you can purchase online, receive in time for February 14, and that will positively impact the lives of people both here and abroad. Read on!

JMF and The Brave Collection for Valentine's Day!

One never knows the significance that can grow from any single moment in life, or where new partnerships and communities might find common ground. We first met Jessica Hendricks, founder of The Brave Collection, at The Play Group Theatre, one more shining-star of a human being who was nurtured by this incredible community in White Plains, NY. Jessica, now out of college, and encouraged by PGT to cultivate her “bravery within,” founded The Brave Collection after spending time in Cambodia and witnessing the striking contrast between the profound beauty of the communities she visited there and the tragic reality of human trafficking on the city streets.

The exquisite jewelry of The Brave Collection is designed and crafted by Cambodian artists. Its sales, Jessica tells us, “fight human trafficking, celebrate and sustain the work of fair-trade artisans, and join a global community of dreamers and change-makers.” Ellen bought her bracelet (and one for Katie!) the moment she saw her first Facebook ad.

Jessica knew Jonah, and she wanted to join us in honoring his life. It was her idea for us to collaborate on a special Jonah Maccabee Foundation Valentine’s Day sale of Brave Collection bracelets. Each purchase will generate monies both to support her efforts in Cambodia as well as The Jonah Maccabee Foundation. Together, we can nurture acts of bravery and compassion to help build lives of wholeness the world over.

There is a very small window of opportunity here – three days only (Wed, Feb 5 – Fri, Feb 7). Please read Jessica’s note below, follow the link, enter the special code (“JONAHMAC”) and show your love for someone (or several someones!) this Valentine’s Day (Jonah’s birthday too, by the way) by making a Brave purchase in their honor. Your love will receive a beautifully-crafted bracelet, with part of your purchase supporting The Jonah Maccabee Foundation and part of it fighting human trafficking in Cambodia. That’s a powerful present!

Dreskin.2013.08.#003a.HelenaMTThanks, as always, for partnering with us. We deeply appreciate your faith in our work. And, of course, we’re grateful that you join us in this journey of remembrance, love and human goodness.

Very sincerely,
Ellen, Billy, Katie and Aiden


From Jessica Hendricks
Founder, The Brave Collection

Jessica Hendricks, The Brave CollectionThe Brave Collection is a line of jewelry handmade in Cambodia to support local artisans post-genocide, and combat human trafficking. Each bracelet says “Brave” in Khmer as a celebration of freedom and universal Bravery. Growing up in the nest of The Play Group Theatre, I was encouraged to cultivate the bravery within to explore my own creative freedom, an invaluable gift for a child learning to navigate the waters of adolescence and find her own voice. I had the privilege of knowing Jonah in this special environment. The Bravery that he possessed as an artist, a leader, and a true individual, was an inspiration for me as an adolescent. Today, seeing the way his unimaginably Brave family has chosen to celebrate and honor his memory with such grace continues to fill me with courage and inspiration as an adult. Honoring the Bravery of this special family, and the untapped Bravery within young people who are just beginning their journey through life, we are overjoyed to be working with The Jonah Maccabee Foundation on this special collaboration to pass new opportunity along to the next generation of leaders and change-makers. Thank you all so much for your support. Stay Brave.


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