While some knew him as Jonah and others as Mac, we all loved and respected him. And we miss him dearly.

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Jonah @ PGT: Tamara Wolfson



Dear friends,

Our autumn fundraiser has ended, but Jonah’s friends have asked to continue writing about him. So we’ll keep sharing those writings here. Enjoy!



Tamara Wolfson remembers …

WritersPix.TamaraHopeWolfson.02aTamara Wolfson was a proud member of PGT from Spring 2006 through Spring 2007. Though her time at PGT was too short, she made some of her most treasured friends and memories there. Tamara graduated from American Jewish University in Los Angeles with a B.A. in Jewish Studies. She is currently living in Jerusalem, where she is beginning her Cantorial studies at the Hebrew Union College – Jewish Institute of Religion’s Debbie Friedman School of Sacred Music.

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“I don’t think we’ll ever forget that dance. We’ll be back for the 20th anniversary and we’ll still be able to do it. But I won’t be able to lift Tamara, because she’ll be taller than me and I’ll be weak.”

I remember giggling when I read the above Facebook comment that Jonah had written back in January of 2007. Though I doubt I’ve gotten taller since that photo was taken in 2007, Jonah certainly was right about one thing: to this day, I remember that dance. I will never forget it.

The Secret Garden was one of my earliest PGT shows, and it was the show that first introduced me to Jonah. I remember when Caren, our choreographer, told us that he and I would be dance partners for the waltz number in the show. Jonah practically skipped across the room towards me, wearing a smile so infectious it made me forget my two left feet. When we learned that he would be lifting me during the waltz, Jonah and I looked at each other a bit incredulously. Then that contagious grin and the glint in his eye made me smile in spite of myself. “No big deal. We got this!” We high-fived to seal the deal.

Tamara and Jonah backstage "The Secret Garden," Jan 2007

Tamara and Jonah backstage
“The Secret Garden,” Jan 2007

In the weeks of rehearsals leading up to opening night, Jonah learned to lead and I learned to follow. He guided my steps, supporting me when I needed it, and he rarely let go of my hand. Jonah didn’t drop me, slip up, or even step on my feet. He devoted himself completely to the process, because he wanted a show we could all take pride in. The seriousness and deep wisdom with which he approached each and every character he portrayed, coupled with his insatiable positivity and sense of humor, made it an absolute joy to work with him.

Over the years, it became almost impossible to separate the light and warmth of PGT from the light and warmth emanating from Jonah’s very being; he grew to embody the atmosphere that makes PGT such a catalyst for personal and professional growth. For those of us lucky enough to have performed with Jonah, we feel both his absence and his presence in equal measure whenever we step onto a stage. But his legacy of love will always be waiting in the wings, ready to pick us up and sweep us off our feet whenever we need it – and miss it – the most.



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