While some knew him as Jonah and others as Mac, we all loved and respected him. And we miss him dearly.

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Jonah @ PGT: Emily Selinger

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Emily Selinger remembers …

Emily graduated from Columbia University in 2012. She is currently living on the Lower East Side in Manhattan and working in independent film distribution. 

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I was in five shows with Jonah, which left me perfectly positioned to witness his journey as an actor. Our third show together was Marvin’s Room. Being in a seven-person cast – unprecedented for PGT – was an experience I will never forget. Being such a small cast, we had the time to really delve into the script, devoting entire rehearsals to talking about the play’s message, each character’s depth and journey, and how we were going to deal with the combination of comedy and tragedy.

The most remarkable part of the process, though, was Jonah’s transformation into Dr. Wally. At the beginning, the doctor’s office scenes between Dr. Wally and Bessie were frustrating to watch. Jonah didn’t know his lines, he and Naomi were having a lot of trouble with the pacing, there was just something missing. The problem persisted as we got closer and closer to opening.

Jonah and Naomi Riemer "Marvin's Room," May 2007

Jonah with Naomi Riemer
“Marvin’s Room,” May 2007

Then one night, during a run-through in the purple room [at the old PGT location], something in Jonah clicked. It was like watching a different show. The scene moved along, Jonah was hysterical and honest and compassionate and we all fell in love with Dr. Wally.

That was the magic of Jonah. Just when we were beginning to lose faith in him, he would take us all by surprise and create a character so complex and enjoyable to watch that it was almost better that way, happening all at once. I remember thinking, “Is this really the same kid from Lucky Stiff?”

Jonah’s astounding growth as an actor also helped him gain a sense of self, and this once temperamental kid became funny, confident, and loving. He was a true pleasure to share the stage with, and I’m so lucky that I got five chances to do so.


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