While some knew him as Jonah and others as Mac, we all loved and respected him. And we miss him dearly.

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Thank you … to those who, in 2012, have provided funds so we can make a difference in young people’s lives


Norman and Pat Friedman. In memory of Jonah Maccabee Dreskin.

Jayne Wexler.

Rabbi Glynis Conyer.

Dr. Daniel Lucas.

Tina Liebling.

Jeanne and Murray Bodin.

Mary Ann Shamis.

Cathy Rolland.

Kenneth Stern and Rabbi Margie Slome. In honor of Ellen Dreskin and all the volunteers from Woodlands who played an amazing role in the clean-up and rebuilding of West End Temple.

Marilyn and Morty Berman. In memory of Jonah Dreskin.

Wendy Jennis and Doug Mishkin. Congratulations on this terrific endeavor.

Joan D. Funk. In memory of Adam Stern.

Kathy Tuchman Glass.

Cantor Robin Joseph.

Linda Poskanzer.

Marcia Streussand Green.

Jo Hariton.

Rabbi Eddie Sukol.

Danny Siegel. Yashir koch’chem — big time!

Dr. Madelyn Katz. In honor of Rabbi Ken Chasen, with thanks for your remarkable presentation to my class!

Rochelle Novins. In memory of Jay R. Novins and Kevin L. Novins.

Craig Taubman.

Ira and Julia Levin.

Dr. Richard Sarason.

Evan and Faye Friedman.

Rabbi Michael Weinberg.

Hebrew Home for the Aged (Riverdale, NY).

Barbara and Milton Marcus.

Stacy Beyer. In memory of Edyth Zuckerman.

Ellen and Harold Rubin.

Rabbi Jonathan and Susan Stein.

Janet S. Elam.

Jenna Berger and Matt Bottiglieri.

Nancy Goodman.

Marilyn and Roger Price.

Jeffrey Nakrin.

Myron Katz. In memory of Rina.

Rabbi Benjamin Sternman.

George and Chris Markley.

Lisa Lieberman Barzilai.

Adrienne Tanner.

Jeanne and Murray Bodin.

Martine Klein.

Rabbi Mark Dov and Marsha Shapiro.

Shalisha Erenberg.

Bill and Marilyn Alper. In honor of the Alper family.

Rabbi Mo Salth. Wishing you all much love as you go forth with this sacred endeavor.

Liza Karsten and Daniel Nienaltow.

Rabbi Stacy Schlein and Jeremy Sosin.

Michael Dreskin.

Rabbi Douglas Krantz.

Ellen and Billy Dreskin. In celebration of Katie Dreskin’s new art education position in Columbus, OH.

Bob and Bobbie Kraus. In honor of our grandchildren, Jessica and Julie Sher.

Norman Sider.

Patti Mittelman.

Madelyn Mishkin Katz. In memory of Marilyn Weisberg, the best-dressed woman in San Francisco!

Jayson Rodovsky and David Winkworth. In memory of Jonah Maccabee Dreskin.

Sally Winter.

Rabbi Michael Lezak.


Saul Kaiserman.

Rabbi Mike Comins.

Rabbi Daniel Schweber. In appreciation to Cantor Dreskin for her guidance in helping to improve Friday night services at Shaarei Tikvah.

Roberta Grossman. What a beautiful way to honor your son and his passions.

Scott B. Cantor and Lisa E. Stone.

Judith Mann

Sheldon Low.

Jeremy Wolfe.

Cantor John Kaplan.

Steve Adler.

Ann and Les Tourk. So pleased to support this. Love to all of you.

Rabbi Sarah Reines.

Rabbi Ken Kanter.

Rabbi Dan Roberts.

Marc Margolius.

Kurt Eschbach.

Daniel Fried. Thank you for setting up the Jonah Maccabee Arts Fund!

Rabbi David Komerofsky. A marvelous way to honor Jonah’s memory. Lots of love from Texas.

Madelyn and Ricky Katz. In memory of Florence Zeldin.

Rabbi David Saperstein.

Corey Friedlander.

Rabbi Aaron Spiegel.

Ben Fuld.

Julie Silver.

Rabbis Don Weber and Shira Stern. Thank you for allowing us to be part of your work.

Beth Sperber Richie.

Don Perlman, Westchester Percussion.

Cantor Richard Cohn.

Kate Press. Happy I can play a small role in helping to honor the memory of your son Jonah. I think this is an incredible endeavor.

Andrew Dennen.

Jason Lichtman.

Rabbi Jonah Pesner.

Rabbi Michael Namath.

Steven Fink, SummerTech. Hello, Dreskin Family. We miss you here at SummerTech, but you’ll always be a part of our family. This is a beautiful foundation you’ve begun and we wish you all the best. Much love.

Robbie Harris.

Tammy Schachet-Briskin.

Rabbi Michael Friedman. In memory of Jonah Maccabee Dreskin.

Cantor Angela Buchdahl.

Deb, Jenna and Dan Hall.

Herb Friedman. In honor of “Papa’s” return!

Jill Garland. In honor of Rabbi Billy Dreskin and his beautiful blog piece, “Blessings from a Bolt of Lightning.”

Rabbi Bernard Mehlman.

Cantor Dana Anesi.

Michael Skloff and Marta Kauffman.

Leah Doctor.

Mark Horowitz and Tom Staebell. In honor of the many Dreskin celebrations!

Kay and Stephen Boonshoft. In honor of Rabbi Billy Dreskin receiving his honorary doctorate.

Rabbi Larry Hoffman.

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