While some knew him as Jonah and others as Mac, we all loved and respected him. And we miss him dearly.

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Thank you … for donating to our Road Trip Summer 2013 Campaign

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Rabbi Bernard Mehlman.

Julie, Tom, Ben and Leila Hirschfeld. Your summer journeys series is such a beautiful way to memorialize Jonah, and helps us learn about him and what he meant to you and your family. Please use this donation in whatever way it will do the most good! With love, from the Hirschfelds.

Ira and Julia Levin.

Rabbi Lynne Landsberg.

Dr. Gary and Stefi Zola. Through this unique foundation, Jonah’s memory will always remain a blessing.

Cantor Stephen Richards.

Madelyn Katz. In memory of Relba Immerman.

Rabbi Hillel and Rita Cohn.

Seth Kroll.

Rabbi Serena Fujita.

Marjorie Zimmerman.

Nina Luban and Scott Bonci. In memory of Mildred Luban.

Shalisha Erenberg.


Mort and Marilyn Berman.

Dr. Jonathan Slater.

Scott and Julie Stein.

Ramie and Merri Arian.

Randy Schloss.

Andy and Bronia Ichel.

Marilyn and Roger Price.

Steven Fink, SummerTech.

David Lefkowitz.

Jeremy Wolfe.

Josh Franklin.

Tracy Friend.

Laura Stein. In honor of Jonah.

Laura Copel.

Rabbi Les Bronstein and Cantor Benjie Ellen Schiller-Bronstein.

Rabbi Yaakov Chaitovsky. Happy to support your foundation. Best wishes for a healthy and happy 5774.

Julie Silver.

Rachel Kalmowitz. In memory of Tobi Sisman.

Shari Suss. Celebrating Jonah’s life, the Dreskin’s strength, and paying it forward.

Julie Newman. In honor of Jake Klingensmith as Head Counselor for Geza @ GUCI.

Sheldon Low.

Robert and Lesli Cattan.

Daniel Pliskin.

Sara Basson.

Rabbi Rachel Maimin.

Cantor Louise Treitman.

William Breskin.

Cantor Donn Rosensweig.

Cantor Bruce Ruben.

Barbara Prins.

Liza Karsten and Dan Nienaltow.

Steve Adler.

Keri Hausner.

Miranda Beckenstein. In honor of Len Stambler’s retirement.

Julie DeWinter Stein.

Jeanne Bodin.

Cantor Rich Pilatsky.

Rabbi Jeff Clopper.

Dan and Joy Firshein. With love.

Lloyd and Roberta Roos.

Lexi Milford.

Todd Herzog.

Rabbi Norman Cohen.

Morris Kramer.

Rabbi Jon and Amy Kraus.

Roberta Grossman.

Rabbi Paul Kipnes.

Mary Ann Shamis.

Cantor Richard Cohn.

Merav Gur-Lobl.

Rabbi Brian Zimmerman.

Rabbi Robbie Harris.

Beth Schafer.

Cantor Rollin Simmons.

Jeff Lazar.

Diana, Henry, Bobby, Benjy and Adam Asher. With warm wishes for a beautiful summer.

Cantor Rosalie Boxt.

Kathy Tuchman Glass.

Corey Friedlander.

Rabbi Amy and Gary Perlin. In honor of Jonah’s wonderful family.

Barry Tenenholtz. In honor of Rabbi Dreskin’s family.

Janet Elam.

Sally Winter.

Doug Passon.

Cantor Lori Corrsin. In memory of my father.

Joy Wasserman. With thanks to the Debbie Friedman School of Sacred Music for you good wishes.

Rabbi Mike Mellen.

Nancy Gladstone and Jesse Seligson.

Robert and Roberta Silman.

Lois and Bernie Bacharach.

Bob and Bobbie Kraus. In honor of Jessie and Julie Sher.

Corey Friedlander and Amy Friedlander. In memory of Arnold Friedlander.

Rabbi Jonathan Miller.

Joan and Andy Farber.

Millie and Allen Hart.

Don Jones.

Cantor Roslyn Barak. In memory of Jonah Maccabee Dreskin.

Martha and Mike Witkowski. In memory of Jonah.

Rabbi Steven Bob.

Nathan Lang. In memory of Jonah and in honor of the whole Dreskin gang for helping put kids on the road to wellness and health. Here’s to you. Love, Nathan

Marc Margolius.

Jacy Good.

Craig Taubman.

Rena Schoenberg.

Rabbi David Holtz. Keep up the good work!

Dr. Elliott Rosen.

Iris Greene. In memory of David Benamy.

Lew Wyman and Susanne Newman.

Arielle Gingold.

Jane Emmer.

Gloria Meisel.

Carol Scheffler.

Frank Squillante.

Cantor Barbara Ostfeld.

Andy Dennen.

Danielle Rodnizki.

Josh Simon.

Ellen, Billy, Katie and Aiden Dreskin. In memory of Jonah.

Pam Deutsch. In memory of those who left us much too soon.

Cantor Dick Botton.

Joan Funk. In loving memory of David Funk.

Matt Grob.

Neil Weinstein.

Yvette Shandel.

Tom Schaeffer.

Lisa Stone.

Abby Leibman.

Ira Lichtiger.

Rabbi Mo Salth.

Herb Friedman. In memory of Elaine.

Larry Hoffman.

Harriet Levine. In loving memory of Len Levine.

Roberta Wetherbee. In honor of Katie Dreskin’s engagement.

Robin Slater-Sherman.

Bobbi Tornheim.

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