While some knew him as Jonah and others as Mac, we all loved and respected him. And we miss him dearly.

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Thank you … for donating to our Commencement Gifts 2012 Campaign … our first project ever!

Commencement Gifts campaign (May 2012)Rabbi Amy and Gary Perlin. In honor of our son Jonah’s law school graduation. Our family remembers Jonah with you. Zichrono livracha.

The Breskin family.

Matt Grob. In memory of Jonah, and in recognition of Billy and Ellen’s work to honor his memory.

Mary Ann Shamis.

Cantor Stephen Richards.

Merrill and Laura Rotter.

Susan and Rob Horowitz.

Ilene and Nicholas Haigh. Congratulations to our teacher Rabbi Jeffrey Sirkman on his Doctor of Divinity.

Daniel Pliskin. This gift is in honor of Rabbi Billy Dreskin and his family. Thank you for, as my very first camp counselor, putting me on a path to a lifetime of giving back and joy and passing on our tradition by being the first to welcome me into Jewish camping.

Rabbi Peter Stein.

Cheryl Cohen.

Rachel Kalmowitz.

Evan and Faye Friedman.

Ida Dreskin. In memory of my grandson Jonah.

Lance Colie.

Naomi Chase.

Rachel Maimin. In honor of the recent ordination of Rabbi Jillian Cameron.

Rachel Maimin. In honor of the recent ordination of Rabbi Ilene Haigh.

Rachel Maimin. In honor of the recent ordination of Rabbi Jennifer Gubitz.

Rachel Maimin. In honor of the recent ordination of Rabbi Evan Schultz.

Bonnie Denmark Friedman. Remembering Jonah and your wonderful family on this special day. This donation is what I asked from my family as a mother’s day gift to me. Much love.

Kelly Kossar.

The Woolis family. With love and appreciation to the Dreskin family for keeping Jonah’s spirit present. We miss him and honor his memory.

Caryn Roman. This donation is in honor of Chad Rochkind on the occasion of his graduation from NYU’s Graduate Program in Historical and Sustainable Architecture.

Carol Ochs. In honor of Billy and Ellen Dreskin who had a spirituality that touched me even as a freshman in college. With great admiration and to honor the life of Jonah.

Rabbi Rick Jacobs and Susan Freedman.

Donna and Steve Sorrow.

Norman and Terry Cohen.

Virginia Lupi.

Sharon Rich.

Neil Weinstein.

Iris Bildstein. This donation is in honor of the 21 student teachers who are graduating from the Art and Art Education program at Teachers College Columbia University on May 15, 2012 and in memory of Renee Darvin, who blazed the path for great art teacher education.

Susie, Steve, Shira and Ari Moskowitz are honored to make this donation to the Jonah Maccabee Foundation. His legacy is remembered at NFTY- NAR.

Robert and Lesli Cattan. In celebration of Dede’s hard work and accomplishments…and in hopeful anticipation about commencing this new phase of life!!! Love you sweet girl xoxo

Rabbi Michael White.

Nathan Lang and Leah Gershon. With loving thoughts and warm wishes.

Rabbi Judy Cohen-Rosenberg. In honor of Carolyn Minott’s graduation from SUNY-Purchase.

Ashley Fertig.

Jamie Cohn and Jimmy Dreskin. In honor of the graduation of our daughter, Sierra Brooke, from Florida State University. In memory of our nephew, Jonah Maccabee Dreskin.

Barbara and Stuart Rayvid. In memory of Jonah Maccabee Dreskin.

Robin Gendelman Pottebaum. In memory of Jonah Maccabee Dreskin.

Madeleine Strum.

Daniel Rakowski.

Adam Kohn.

Geri Pell.

Eddie and Roxanne Sukol.

Danielle Rodnizki. In honor of my brother, Jordan Rodnizki, and his upcoming graduation from high school. So excited for his journey at the University of Pennsylvania to begin next fall! Also in loving memory of Jonah Dreskin, z”l. With love.

Leslie Resnick. In honor of Staci Akselrod’s college graduation (an Eisner camper with Jonah and fellow NAR-ite)

Madelyn Mishkin Katz. In honor of our friend Rabbi Don Goor who will receive his well-deserved Doctor of Divinity on May 14 at the HUC/LA graduation!

Ron & Fran Moss. In honor of the graduation of our son, Manny Moss, with a Master’s Degree in International and Global Studies from Brandeis University.

Nicole Matusow.

Cantor Zoe Jacobs. In honour of the incredible work done over the last 25 years by Billy, Les and Jeff. The Jewish people are in a better place because of each of you, and our younger generation is blessed to learn from you. And, of course, thinking of Jonah today, too. xx

Nancy Korobkin.

Aliza Garafalo.

Roberta Wetherbee.

Susan Salidor.

From Susan Jordan Leibrock, Walnut Hills ’75.

Joan Funk. In memory of my nephew Jonah (whose graduation this would have been), and in honor of the graduations of my nephew Aiden and my niece Katie. With love from Aunt Joan.

Michael Rothbaum. In honor of Ellen and Billy’s generosity and kindness.

Susan Laufer. In memory of Alex Rivlin, son of Rosemary and Paul Rivlin, on the occasion of his first yahrzeit.

Adina Sharfstein. In honor of the graduation of Ari Joseph Sharfstein, and Micah Benjamin Sharfstein, with love from Mom and Dad! In honor of the musical leadership shared by Cantor Ellen Dreskin with others at Hava Nashira, with gratitude and song!

The Selig family. In honor of Billy Dreskin’s honorary doctorate from HUC, Katie Dreskin’s graduation from Teachers College, and Aiden Dreskin’s graduation from Ardsley High School!

Rabbi Melissa Zalkin Stollman. In honor of soon-to-be rabbis Philip Bazeley, Lyle Rothman and Jillian Cameron, and soon-to-be educator Alyson Bazeley.

Randy Markey. In memory of my Dad.

Ellen, Billy, Katie and Aiden Dreskin. In memory of Jonah Maccabee Dreskin.

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