While some knew him as Jonah and others as Mac, we all loved and respected him. And we miss him dearly.

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Road Trip — Part Three

2013.06.RoadTrip.BlogPostRoad trips are certainly part of every family’s experience. For parents, it’s often where some of the best time is spent with our kids. We’ve got them captive. And assuming they’re not plugged into any tech, we may even have their attention.

Jonah and I spent an unexpected, but lovely, day together back when he was in fifth or sixth grade. He’d been suspended from school for a day (probably for sassing one of his teachers) and, still too young to be at home alone, I had him with me at work. But I was officiating at a funeral that day, so neither Jonah nor I had any choice in the matter — he was coming with me. It was a graveside service in Paramus, NJ, and, surprising to both of us, we enjoyed the time together. The drive was pleasant, not too lengthy, and the cemetery itself was fascinating to him. Jonah did not stay in the car but wandered in and around the headstones a little ways away from where I was conducting the service. When the funeral was over, he and I did a little more walking around the cemetery, quietly talking about death and burial and such.

Fuddrucker’s, Feb 2006

February 2006

On our way home, we stopped at Fuddrucker’s for a hamburger and, from that time on, it became his favorite burger joint. There are no Fuddrucker’s anywhere near us, so the occasional drive across the George Washington Bridge for birthdays and such were on our permanent “road trip” itinerary. This photograph was taken there for Jonah’s 16th birthday.

It was an odd outing for Jonah and me that day, but it created a surprisingly sweet, indelible memory. I really enjoyed spending the time with him.


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