While some knew him as Jonah and others as Mac, we all loved and respected him. And we miss him dearly.

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Use the Force, Mac

February 2008
Jonah’s 18th birthday @ Cheesecake Factory

Jonah had four years on his brother Aiden. With that great an age difference you might think that growing up, these two boys would have little in common. But as you probably know, Jonah lived his life on his own schedule. So at the same time he viewed Aiden as his bratty little brother, Jonah also found in Aiden a perfect friend and playmate. Across the years, the two boys loved playing together. Whether it was crossing Jedi light sabers, constructing elaborate Lego universes, or guiding the fantastic adventures of some of the hundreds of 4-inch high action figures they owned between them, these two brothers-in-boisterousness together filled countless hours of their shared lives. But more often than not, these hours of fun would typically end when Jonah would get angry, destroy the universe they’d built, and then turn his focus to making life for his little brother as miserable as possible.

In the past several years, as Jonah came to appreciate more and more just how special and wonderful a human being he was becoming, he ceased battling his little brother. These days, 19-year old and 14-year were likely to greet one another as follows. Jonah: “Dreskin.” Aiden: “Larger Dreskin.” And with that, mom and dad were able to sit back and enjoy the still-boisterous but consistently caring play between the two brothers.

Oh, the occasional crossing of Jedi light sabers was still part of the equation.


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  • Billy, thank you for writing this blog.J.

  • Indeed, in my mind I picture them on their bellies in front of the TV, controllers in hand, pausing just long enough to say ‘hi’ without losing focus, concentration, or video warriors in the process. I always admired that: brotherly love and focus at its best. Beth

  • Inda:

    Reading your stories about Jonah have given me the feeling of getting to know him and your lives together.Thank you Inda

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